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Buy gift cards at Thon Hotels!

Now you can easily buy gift cards at Thon Hotels and pay with Visa, Mastercard or Vipps. Choose which gift card you want to buy and have the gift card sent directly to your email. Thon Hotels' gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be used at and all our hotels in Norway.

Optional amount

Let someone you love experience everything from magnificent nature, the midnight sun and beautiful fjords, to vibrant city life and unforgettable culinary experiences. 

If you buy a gift card for an amount of your choice at Thon Hotels, the recipient can decide both the time and place for the hotel stay. A perfect gift for the person who has everything!


1000 kroner gift card

A hotel stay can be varied endlessly - whether you want to relax at a spa or see everything a big city has to offer. With over 80 hotels from north to south, Thon Hotels has something for everyone. 

Buy a gift card today and let the recipient choose where the trip will go.

kr 1000,-

500 kroner gift card

Not sure what to give as a gift, or perhaps you want to contribute to a hotel stay in a place the recipient has long wanted to visit? A gift voucher for a hotel stay is easy for both you and the recipient and is a gift that is guaranteed to be appreciated.

This gift card can only be used as payment when booking a stay at Choose one of our 70 hotels in Norway. Add color to your day with our award-winning breakfast, our soft beds and our fantastic service. Welcome!

kr 500,-